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I really appreciate you all giving me your input on my black and white vs. bright color dilemma the other day!  Everyone seemed to lean towards color.  I was really leaning towards black and white, but the color kept calling to me too.  So I decided to walk around JoAnn's the other day.  (BTW - home decor fabrics are all 50% off - including clearance and markdown fabrics!)

So - as I wandered - I found that in person and physically touching the fabric, that the black and white prints didn't really speak to me as much as the colors did.  I must have picked up 10-15 sample pieces.  I then sat down and laid each one out one by one.  Over 50% of the pieces I picked up were green - I figured that was a pretty good indication of what what I needed to do in the space.  So you wanna peek and what I found and what I am planning?

I am excited about it because my plan will allow me to "change up" the look over time!  But we will get more into that later.  For now, I do need a few other accessories to finalize this area once I get the table and chairs made over this weekend. 

I think I need a good rug - perhaps like one of these from Overstock.com.

6'7" Rug - $73.79

6'7" Rug - $83.69

And some table accessories ... I really think I want to get some round placemats.  I don't know why - but that is what I want!  I think I am also going to play around with some other ideas as I get the room built!
Crate & Barrel Maisie Placemat in Lime - $5.95

Ikea Panna Place Mat - $1.99

And then to tie in the Kitchen to the Dining area I think I might have to add some of these cute dishtowels and oven mitts and do a little more of the black and white there.
Target Dwell Studios Set for $19.99

Target 7pc Dish Towel Set - $19.99

So that is what I am dreaming up over here.  Stay tuned - I hope to have a big reveal on Monday!  Since I am tying in my dining area and kitchen I am wondering - do you try to do the same or do you decorate both spaces like they are two separate areas?

1 frugal friends said ...

Kate Riley said... @ April 15, 2010 at 10:47 AM

Oh my, you and I have the most similar taste ! I am so drawn to your fabric choices and can never get enough green in my life. It's so universally cheerful all the time and goes with every season. Can't wait to see what you create, I'm sure it will be so lovely !


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