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So if you saw my to-do list yesterday, one of the things on my list for the living room is a new lamp.  I am very picky about lamps for some reason and I have been having a hard time picking anything out.  So I decided I would look on Houzz.com - my favorite inspiration site to see if I could find some lamp looks that I like.  Here is what I have come up with!  
I think my biggest issue with lamps is that the base and the shade must be proportional. For example - here while the base is very decorative the overall lamp and shade are in proportion with one another.

Living traditional living room

I really like the sleekness of these two lamps and the height is right for what I am looking for in a lamp.

christian rice architects, inc. traditional living room

So of course I would love this room and lamp - it is Kate's @ The Centsational Girl. I adore her style!

Centsational girl traditional living room

See again - here the proportions are correct. I do kinda like the idea of a boxy shade since the couch and chair are quite curvy. Might be an nice juxtaposition.

Noe Valley Three contemporary living room

These lamps are a little skinny but I do like the height. Since I am going to be in the corner of the room - I feel like it should be somewhat tall.

Vancouver Home Staging Services, House Staging | Revamp contemporary living room

Now see this I like - I have always thought those short squaty based lamps couldn't hold their own in a larger room. I would have never thought to keep the presentation tight and put a tall cylindrical shade to it.

christyj contemporary living room

This one is a little traditional - but then I am a traditional girl. Not sure if I like that color of shade on the lamp but the overall size and height are right.

Addition and Remodel traditional living room

Now this intrigues me - forget the table lamp - what about something like this? Hmmm....

emily anderson workspace via designsponge

I think we already know that I have a "thing" for trimmed lampshades as I have featured them several times. These would be no exception. And I LOVE the big white base.

Austin Patterson Disston Architects traditional living room

Ok - so this might be the perfect blend of "lampness". Square shade, curvy substantial base, and a little bling? I might have found my dream lamp. P.S. That mirror is fantastic!

City  entry

So those are what I have found so far. Any ideas from the group? If you look at yesterday's post you can see the area I am trying to fill and what is currently there. What kind, size, style do you think would look perfect there? I am open to feedback!

Linking this up to the Inspired by Party with Melissa @ The Inspired Room.  Come join the fun!

9 frugal friends said ...

Elizabeth said... @ June 25, 2010 at 1:22 PM

I love many of those lamps!! I have just purchased over the last few months several lamps, and let me tell you, it IS challenging!! Prior to these purchases, we had nothing at all in the family room save for a floor lamp, and the master bedroom had tiny little bedside lamps - not at all in proportion with our 18' long room!

For your space, I am drawn to this from Pottery Barn:

and this


but that's just me. I am all new to this lamp-choosing business. :)

Karena said... @ June 26, 2010 at 1:04 AM

Jess great images!!!I love several of your choices!! The Patterson Disson Room is fab!

Come and visit for a Designer Giveaway from Pillow Mint!

Art by Karena

The homesteadingcottage said... @ June 26, 2010 at 5:05 AM

Love all of your choices!! I think the lamps in the Vancouver Home Staging Revamp are my faves. I just became a new follower and look forward to coming back often for future posts (:


ch said... @ June 26, 2010 at 7:02 AM

Love looking at all of your reference photos! I'm in decorating mode right now too! I think my favorites are the lamps in the second photo but think the shades could be slightly larger. The squaty bases of the lamps in the sixth picture are fun too! I also love the whole room in the second to last photo. I really like the white base and white shade with trim accent.
Can't wait to see what you choose!
Happy SITS saturday sharefest!

Unknown said... @ June 26, 2010 at 10:45 AM

Great Looks! I bought two matching seafoam glass lamps several months ago and I still haven't found the right shades. I know I want something big and with texture- maybe seagrass? Thanks for stopping by my blog! have great weekend!

Anonymous said... @ September 7, 2010 at 9:13 PM

Hi Jess,

I just found your lovely blog. Thank you for referencing my entry hall in your post on lamps. Would you believe I bought those at Target 4 years ago? The mirror is from a great store in San Francisco called "Swallotail".

All the best,


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