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I am sure you were all wondering where I have been!  Whew!  Well since I do most of my writing and blog work on the weekends - our weekend trip put a cramp in blog posting this week.  Work was insane and I was there late most nights.  I had planned to write and get this post up on Thursday night.  But at five minutes to five - one of my coworkers came down and offered us two tickets to the CMA Festival opening that night!  Well, there was no way I was saying no to Tim McGraw and Carrie Underwood - so off we went!   And I forgot my camera so here is a shot from the CMT website of what I left you guys for.... I am sure you will all forgive me!
Photo credit Ed Rode - Go to CMT.com for more pictures!

Anyways - I am just dead tired and plan on keeping it pretty low key this weekend.  I just want to lay around and be lazy!  And when I start thinking about that - I can't help but start thinking about chaises.  I am obsessed with chaises and have been for years.  I am sure you will see them pop up now and then in rooms I love and I am hopefully that in our next move we will have space for me to have one that is all my own.  So enough of my babbling - please enjoy these comfy places to curl up and relax!

sitting room modern living room

Shoshana contemporary living room

Valerie Wills Interiors eclectic living room

Robin Muto traditional bedroom

Amoroso Design contemporary living room

Gleichers Eco-Friendly Townhouse contemporary bedroom

Goldberg Downey Architects traditional living room

Shoshana Gosselin  living room

2009 Designer Showhouse for the Arts eclectic bedroom

Here's hoping your weekend is super relaxing. Are you chaise obsessed like me?  Do you have a favorite place to relax in your home?

Edit: I love Melissa's Inspired By Parties and did link this up to her latest.  So along with checking out the other links, I would like to ask you to please take a second to say a prayer for her mother who had to be rushed to the hospital on Friday. 

3 frugal friends said ...

Christina said... @ June 12, 2010 at 12:37 PM

I do love chaise lounges, yes! My personal furniture obsession, though, is the classic overstuffed arm chair! We don't have the room for one right now, but when we get our own place, I will definitely be seeking out The Perfect Chair...

I'm glad you got to see a great concert, enjoy your weekend!

Old Jail Artist said... @ June 13, 2010 at 6:37 AM

Some day I will find a chaise to recover for my sewing room. It will cost about $10 and look fabulous and be just the place to read a good book. I understand your obsession.

Atticmag said... @ June 13, 2010 at 12:55 PM

I agree about chaises and feel they are very under appreciated both for decorative value and looks. They are great in living rooms especially -- you've shown some terrific examples. Thanks for stopping by to see our intense stuff. Jane F

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