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Based on the fact the we are going to spend our summer bleary-eyed and figuring out how to care for a kid – we aren’t going to take a proper summer vacation.  So this summer I thought I would take a virtual vacay and dream a little about some of the places I would like to visit.  One of those places is Cape Cod.  It is so American Classic – so close to the birth place of our country and yet a place that is classic cool and always chic. 

Instead of actually traveling there – I thought I would explore some of the design that I know I would love to gaze it if I actually went.  These are some classic examples of Cape Cod design and design that I think embraces that style. 

This photo below is a perfect example of the quintessential Cape Cod bungalow.  Center door, symmetrical design, and wooden shingles!  So quaint!

Photo via HGTV

Love the white built-ins and duvet. Wouldn't this be the perfect room to wake up in?

Summer House contemporary bedroom

Isn't this little clapboard shingle porch adorable. I love the light fixtures and the bright pops of green against the blue.

Blue Summer traditional porch

Such a perfect cottage garden. Can you imagine the never ending vases of fresh cut flowers you would get out of this garden? I would be in heaven.

Provincetown Cottage by Becky Harris traditional landscape

The blues and yellows here are the perfect compliment to the gorgeous view out that bay window! Love it!

Blue Summer traditional living room

Now this is a man cave that I would be alright with the hubby having! So classic.

SchappacherWhite Ltd. traditional exterior

So what about you?  Love the Cape Cod feel?  Ever been there?  I wanna know!

8 frugal friends said ...

Fran Pike said... @ June 9, 2011 at 9:55 PM

We spent five nights in Cape Cod, and it's so beautiful that I would drop everything to live there right now if I could. We stayed at a B&B right across from the ocean called "Bailey's By The Sea" in Falmouth. We woke up to beautiful sunrises almost every day, great location, food and hospitality. It was the best trip ever!

Irene said... @ June 10, 2011 at 5:27 AM

The porch in that 3rd photo is to die for. Really. I'm dead now.

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