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Hey guys!  I am back again with another great guest post for you guys from one of my dear bloggy friends Colleen who blogs at Mural Maker & More. 

Colleen is a fantastic artist and painter who creates the most beautiful murals! Here are some of her works!  Love this trey ceiling!

And this beautiful nursery!

But she is also into DIY and decorating too!  Like this outdoor tray table!  So cute! 

So without any further ado – here is Colleen with some great ideas for decorating a room with paint.


Hi! My name’s Colleen and I’m so excited to be here at Frugal with a Flourish while Jess’ ‘lil man’ enjoys his Welcome Home party. My blog is called Mural Maker & More. ‘Mural Maker’ because that’s what I do - I make murals. And ‘More’ because I love all things DIY and decorating.

I paint murals for any room, but my all-time favorite are babies rooms. Girls or boys, it doesn’t matter. Or sometimes both!

Safari Mural for baby boy

Here’s the thing - people think murals are really expensive. And they can get pricey, especially when the family is expanding. So I found some decorating ideas so you don’t have to hire an artist!

I know, I know - a lot of you are probably saying, “I can’t even draw a stick figure”! No worries! A little bit of creativity and thinking ‘outside the box’ and you’ll have a dream nursery you painted yourself!

Baby Boy Decorating

How about a graphic alphabet wall mural painted in subtle shades of the wall color? Looks a little tricky, doesn’t it? I’ll tell you how I’d paint this if someone hired me. I’d print off letters, maybe in different fonts, take them to a printer that prints oversized copies (like a blueprinter). Then I’d transfer some letters, paint them all in one color, then transfer some more, and paint them in another color.

No freehanding required! Now, you could also cut stencils if you wanted but, to me, that’s a lot of extra work. There are a lot of straight lines where you could just use good ol’ painter’s tape after you’ve marked your transfer.


Here’s an idea - forget painting the walls and paint the ceiling! How fun is this?!? Then you’d have all of your wall space available to change as you please.


Or maybe paint just the corners of the room.


Ok, maybe your theme isn’t jungle animals, but you could still paint a trio of silhouettes and create an awesome focal area. These could be painted on canvas and hung, but I wouldn’t hang them over the crib then.

These are just a few ideas to spark your creativity. The cool thing about paint is, if you don’t like it, just paint over it! Not to mention, paint is really affordable. (I paint my murals with good ol’ craft paint - the 99 cent variety!)

I want to thank Jess for letting me hang out with all of you today. Jess was one of my very first blogging friends and has been incredibly supportive so I’m just thrilled to pitch in while she enjoys some Mommy & Me time.


Great ideas!!!  Thanks so much Colleen for giving us some ideas!  And make sure you hop over and check out Colleen’s blog and give her some love – and if you ever wanted to learn how to paint anything – you have to make sure you check out her step by step painting tutorials! 

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