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Oranges to me are such a good summer fruit.  Portable, easy to share and sweet and delicious.  Some people don’t realize that one of the varieties of summer oranges, the Valencia Orange, actually “re-greens” in the summer.  When Valencias ripen on the tree, they turn a bright orange color.  However, when they get in warmer temperatures, the heat can make their skin reabsorb chlorophyll as they hang on the tree causing the orange color to look partly green.  Even though the outside is green, the insides remain ripe and delicious!

Check out this Sunkist Valencia Oranges Re-greening Video to learn about Sunkist Valencia Oranges and why they re-green during warm weather and some great ideas on how to serve them.

But besides just eating them on their own – there are all kinds of great recipes that you can whip up over the summer to enjoy these great fruits!  Like this awesome twist on a traditional Caprese salad.  Check it out!  Sounds like the perfect addition for your next get together!


Sunkist Orange Caprese Bites with Orange Scented Herb Oil Recipe


• 3 Sunkist® Valencia oranges, segmented and zested
• 20 cherry tomatoes, halved
• 1 lb. tub Bocconcini mozarella
• ¼ cup Opal (purple) basil, shredded into small pieces
• 20 whole wheat crackers
• Salt to taste
• ¼ cup fresh rosemary
• ¼ cup fresh thyme
• 1/8 cup fresh oregano
• 1 ½ cups extra virgin olive oil
• 1 Tbsp. black pepper

Instructions: (Makes 10 servings)
• Cut the Bocconcini into halves.

• Zest the Valencia oranges using a micro plane or fine grater and set aside. To segment the oranges, cut off the top and bottom.

• Lay the orange on a flat surface, using a paring knife remove the skin and white pith. Carefully cut and release each segment from between the membranes and set aside.

• In a blender, add the olive oil, orange zest and fresh herbs. Pulse until blended, continue to blend on medium speed until the herbs and zest are finely chopped, add the pepper and pulse quickly. Pour into a jar or plastic container. Leftover oil can be kept refrigerated for up to one month and used as a marinade for fish, poultry or vegetables.

• Toss the orange segments, cherry tomatoes, Bocconcini and basil lightly with ¾ cup of orange scented herb oil and season with salt.

• To Serve: Top each cracker with the mixture and serve.


That sounds pretty tasty and perfect for summer don’t you think?  If you want to find more great recipe ideas check out all the additional Sunkist citrus recipesDo you have any favorite recipes that feature oranges?  I wanna know!

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