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I love getting your comments and questions.  If you are interested in asking a question or sharing a project or a post idea, feel free to email me! 

I also try to read and respond to every comment - especially if you are asking a question.  If you have your email and your blog linked back to your blogger profile I will normally respond to your comment by email and also hop back over and visit your blog too!  However - a lot of you don't have your email linked to your profile.  If you want to check, follow the directions below to link your email back to your profile!  

1.  Log into your blogger account and go to your dashboard.
2.  Next to your profile picture, click on “Edit profile”
3.  Under privacy, first make sure you have "Share My Profile" checked.
4.  Next, click “show my e-mail”.  Under identity, make sure the public e-mail address you use is there.
5.  While your in there - make sure you have a link back to your blog by either allowing your blog to be shown or that you have a URL back to your blog listed.
6.  Save

Hooray!  Now I can reply to your comments and questions and head over to visit you much easier!  Thanks! 

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