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Ok! Here we go with the final day of Black Friday Deals!  I have had to hijack my lil Bro's computer to get this final post out.  So thanks for bearing with me through this!

Let's face it ... the real reason people go out on Black Friday is for the Electronics! TV's, cameras, blue-ray players and gaming systems.  So I same as days past, I am going to run down the best deals out there - including the ones you can get RIGHT now so you can sleep in tomorrow!  I am not really going to split these into the regular Doorbusters and All Weekend Deals since the Electronics are normally what sells out first.  

Ok - Electronics are the mother of all Doorbusters.  So let's do a run down of what is worth standing in the cold for tomorrow and what you can get online.

Blu-Ray Players
The best deal out there for tomorrow morning is this Sony Blu-Ray Player from Walmart with BD Live for only $118.  That is about $50 off the regular price and is a fairly highly rated machine. 

Right now though, you can get this LG Blu-Ray Player at Newegg.com for $98.99.  This player normally runs $169.

Game Systems
Of course, you could also get a PS3 (which has a built in Blu-Ray Player).

Walmart will have a bundle out tomorrow morning with the Infamous, Arkham Asylum and 'The Dark Knight' Games for $299.

Right now, you can get a similar bundle on Bestbuy.com for $299.99 with two more kid oriented games.

Wii's have just had a price drop and I know I got several questions about where to get the best deal.

Now you can get a regular Wii for $199 everyday.  But to get a couple games and extra controllers it is going to bring you up a little higher.

Walmart will have a bundle out tomorrow that will have two games and and extra set of Nyko controllers for $249.99.

However, right now on Walmart.com you can get this set that comes with the Wii Remote game and an extra set of controllers for $279.99.

There are some good deals out there on TV's.  But I have to say that I am very impressed with the online offerings today.

Newegg.com has this LG 32" 1080p LCD TV for only $399.99.

Best Buy will have a 50 inch 1080p Panasonic Plasma TV tomorrow with a Free Blu-Ray Player for $999.

Target has a nice deal on a Nikon 10 megapixel camera that is only $88.  Sorry I don't have a picture of this one, but you can see it on the front page of their ad today.

One of Cnet's best deals for tomorrow was this Canon Camera at Best Buy for $149.

You can get the exact same camera today from Newegg.com for the same price here in pink or here in gray!

Newegg.com also has this great deal going right now on this Nikon D40 bundle for $439.99.

Whew ... that is a pretty good run down.  I will check comments all day so let me know if I missed anything you were looking for in particular!

I would also highly recommend getting on Amazon all day long as they are showcasing several limited time offers all day long.  Check it out here
Happy Shopping and more importantly Happy Thanksgiving!

1 frugal friends said ...

thatgirlblogs said... @ November 29, 2009 at 9:40 AM

that post was a lot of work, thanks :) I only took advantage of sales at apple.com on b-friday. wasn't as organized as I usually am.

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