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You guys may have noticed that clock on the right side of my blog that is counting down the days! Well I am very excited to tell you guys that I am mere days away from opening my brand spanking new Open Sky Shop!
What is Open Sky? It is a new way of bringing back the bond between a shopkeeper and the customer. The Open Sky platform is based on bringing together “experts” and turning them into Shopkeepers. Most of these new Shopkeepers are bloggers from across a variety of niches, from home decor to cooking to gardening. These Shopkeepers then stock their stores with products they believe in and think that their readers would love. They believe that when you buy from people you know and trust that it is the best way to shop. And that’s a philosophy I can get behind!

Photo by Tao_Zhyn

Each Shopkeeper gets to set up their shop with just the things they personally select and choose. This isn’t Open Sky’s shop that I send you a link to go visit. This is my shop and I have complete executive control over what products are selected! I am excited to have this shop as a platform that is the perfect natural development of one of my goals for this blog.

How does this fit in with my mission here on Frugal with a Flourish? One of my big focuses when making this blog was to make sure it wasn’t just all about DIY and craft projects. Because a lot of us either aren’t uber crafty or we just don’t have the time! So I have focused a lot on this blog with bringing you affordable ideas for decorating your home with things that you love.
Photo by Ewen-M

This shop is a natural extension of that very idea! I think you all know how much I enjoy being your own little “personal shopper” and I can’t wait now to be able to stock my very own store with products that I think you will love and cherish. Full disclosure here – I will share in the profits of my shop, but I am only going to stock items that I think you will enjoy and that will add value for you! And of course, they will have to be affordable too! You people know I can’t pass up a good deal!

I can’t wait to get in and get things added – I get to start doing that next week! So the question for you guys is – what would you like to see? Are there things you have searched in vain for all over? What can I help find for you? Give me some feedback and I guarantee you I will incorporate it! I can’t believe all the wonderful love and support you guys have given me over the last 9 months! It means a lot! Smooches to you all.

Your Soon-to-be-Shopkeeper,

10 frugal friends said ...

Jordyn from OpenSky said... @ August 2, 2010 at 11:13 AM

Hi Jess!

Can't wait to get your shop up and running and see what great finds you have in it! Shoppers also get the benefit of OpenSky's 365 day return guarantee :)

Excited to have you joining our community. Great post!

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