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I just realized when I was talking with someone about the blog the other day that I have been blogging for 9 months.  Which blows my mind!  I can honestly say that this little blog has made me happier than I could have ever imagined.  I have a corporate job that is very stressful, but being able to come here and hang out with all of you guys to talk style and ideas to make your home beautiful has kept me going! 

The blog has gone through some amazing growth in the last three months and I am really glad that those of you who have joined in are here with me.   While scrolling through my reader this weekend - I came across a challenge from the ProBlogger to do a post of seven links to posts that you and others have written that respond to some specific categories.  I thought this sounded like a great idea - especially for those of you that are new or newer so you can read back through some of my earlier posts!  So without further ado - here are my links! 

1. Your First Post - this was so funny for me to go back and read.  Check it out here and I think you can tell just how nervous I was when I wrote it.  I remember wanting to make a blog that would give a nice mix of DIY and great deals if you didn't want to DIY, and I think I have been able to accomplish that.  But hitting publish was still so scary! 

2. The Post I Enjoyed Writing the Most - During Christmas this past year we were still stuck in the tiny one-bedroom apartment and in housing limbo.  There wasn't a whole lot of room to do any decorating - which is very painful for someone as decorating obsessed as I was.  So instead of making it Christmas in my home - I stole it!  Luckily, the sweet bloggers I stole from were very gracious to let me do so!

3. The Post with a Great Discussion - After we moved into the new place, I started REALLY disliking my coffee table.  So of course, I wrote a post about it!  (That is what we bloggers do!)  I wanted to go dark - way dark - but wasn't sure how.  You guys really came through with some phenomenal resources and tips in the comments.  

4.  A Post on Someone Else's Blog You Wish You'd Written - This is a toss up for me.  My first one is this post about a dresser revamp from Kate @ The Centsational Girl.  She refinished a dresser and made it look like this. 
Now - this post in retrospect wasn't particularly earth-shattering (although the dresser is beautiful) but it was the very first blog post I ever read.  I found Kate on Houzz - and hopped over to her site and was there for about an hour.  Then, I was up half the night clicking down her blog list.  In my head I kept thinking, "Holy cow - there are people out there just as obsessed about this stuff as I am!"  I realized I had found my community!

The other post that I wish I had written was this post on 10 Tips for New Bloggers by Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality.  I read this shortly before I started blogging and it was probably one of the things that tipped me over that edge.  If Kate was the one that showed me what was out there - Rhoda was the one that showed me how to do it!  (BTW - I met them both in person at Blissdom and they are both just as sweet and wonderful as you would think!)

5.  Your Most Helpful Post - This continues to be one of my most popular posts.  How to be Successful at Organizing - it is a simple breakdown of how to start getting organized and then some habits and tips to keep yourself organized and uncluttered without overpromising on what you can accomplish!
6.  A Post with a Title You are Proud Of - Oh this was so easy for me!  It is another one of my organizational posts entitled - The Monster at the End of This Post.  As a follow up to my original "How to" post, this one focuses on dealing with the scariest monster I know of - The Paper Monster! 
7. A Post You Wish More People Had Read - There is no question in my mind that I wish more people had read my series posts on How to Decorate Big Open Walls.  Literally, this was the tenth post I had ever written.  So I had just a few followers.  But there is some great stuff in these four posts including resources on where to find the things to do it on the cheap!  I run through using paint and trim, built-ins and storage, picture groupings, and big art on your wide open spaces! 

So there you go!  I hope you get a chance to click through and perhaps see some of the posts you hadn't seen before!  But this is my question - which of my posts have been the most helpful or inspirational for you?   Let me know!

2 frugal friends said ...

Kate Riley said... @ July 18, 2010 at 12:39 PM

Ha ! I remember that moment when you find a blog, and then start reading everything they are reading, and you're hooked !! Your link list is fab, off to read the one or two posts I've missed. Thanks for the linky love darlin.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said... @ July 18, 2010 at 9:53 PM

I saw this 7 Links thing over at Kate's the other day and thought it looked like fun! It was neat to see how you got your start and who inspired you. I think The Nesting Place and Thrifty Decor Chick were the first couple of blogs I found. :) Great links!! Thanks for the visit tonight...maybe some of your thrift store luck will rub off on me. ;)

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