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Ok … so I know what you are thinking … why are there no pics of my home up on here? Well that simply has to do with state of this craptastic economy.

The Hubby and I were happily settled in our first home that we bought in 2007, a lovely 3br, 2ba rancher on 2.5 acres in the country in VA. It was a steal at over $40k cheaper than anything we had looked at and the way the housing market was going we thought it was the safe bet. It didn’t have everything we wanted, but it had most of it. We painted, installed new light fixtures, put up a shed and moved what must have been a ton of dirt with the landscaping projects I started. After my promotion at work, we were ready to start really amping it up. We had plans for a deck, new décor for the bedrooms, and finally getting the living room finished.

Then the economy went down the tubes and both the hubby and I were both laid off this past January. I went to work finding another job like was well my job. And in a little over 4 weeks I had a great offer to move to Nashville and start a new life. Hubby got a job a few weeks after and we were both gainfully employed again by April. I even got a relo package as part of the new job, so we put the house on the market and were hopeful we would have it sold by mid summer. We even left all our “good furniture” in the home in hope that the staging would help sell it.

Well (sigh) summer has come and gone, and the house has still not sold. We have done everything that we have been recommended to do … including lowering the price and every marketing gimmick in the book. Everyone who walks through loves the house (we have even had 20 Realtors tour it) but comes back with the same response … “The house is great, priced right, perfect for a new homeowner and shows beautifully - but it is a little far out in the country and is going to take that person who wants to live ‘out there’.”

Therefore, we hope and pray everyday that someone who wants to live “out there” will find our lil home and put in an offer. We currently are shacking up outside Nashville in a small – albeit adorable – 1br apt. I can’t buy too much stuff here (because we are space constrained) and I can’t really consider getting a new place until we get the old one sold. It doesn’t help that the mismatch of hand-me-downs and college furniture in the apartment is driving me insane. Instead, I have resorted to dreaming vicariously via the internet for all my home design dreams.

So I for all my dear friends at the blogs I have followed, I hope you will forgive my months of lurking while salivating over your beautiful homes. Please keep it coming so that I can make it through this rough patch! I know God will provide just as he has for the rest of our trouble.

2 frugal friends said ...

Karen said... @ October 23, 2009 at 7:17 AM

That must be so frustrating.

I started my blog this summer as a way to show other people how to decorate their home on a budget. My hope is to completely redecorate my home without breaking the bank. Hope you'll stop in sometime. I look forward to seeing pictures of your home. (When you are ready, of course!)

Good luck!

Unknown said... @ October 24, 2009 at 9:34 AM

I hope that your house sells soon...but what a treasure you have with this blog...you can window shop and post pics of what you find online!!

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