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Whew!  Our travels were a long and we have finally made it to PA for the weekend.  Bear with me over the next couple days as I get these posted in between turkey and too many cookies!  

I love hearing that you guys loved the deals! If you missed my Overview or the Home Improvement Store Deals make sure to check them out!

I also wanted to say that I noticed that some of you expressed hesitation about going out on Black Friday because you were afraid people would be mean or crazy. I have to say, I think most shoppers have gotten a little mellower over the years. I remember going out 10 years ago and people were crazier than what they are now. Part of what helps that is that retailers are being very clear about limits on doorbusters and have learned more about crowd control. That said, you are going out into a world were inevitably you are going to run into a jerk and since more people are out and about on Friday your changes of that have increased substantially! Just remember that if you kill em with kindness that not only does it keep you from becoming a grouch yourself, but it will provide the rest of your level headed early morning companions a giggle and a good example.

Now, back to the shopping! Again, just like yesterday, I am going to split these deals out into two sections each day. First, we will start with Doorbusters (which are likely to sell out soon) and follow that up with the all weekend deals. Like I said yesterday, all weekend deals can sell out just as fast. There are no promises made on Black Friday!

Now I don’t plan on featuring a lot of “hot” deals here today. Why? Because there are very few deals on White Goods and Home Décor that warrant you standing outside to wait for a store to open.

That was not necessarily true for the last two years. Target had been running a pretty predictable 1000-thread count Sheet set for around $50 which was a killer deal. However, they have cheaped out on me this year and are only offering a 700-thread count for $30. I will give them credit for the fact that this set does include two additional pillowcases since last year the sets did not include any and you had to by them separately. These will and do sell out within the first two to three hours, so if you are in Target early be sure to swing by the home section and see if there are some to pickup. They are normally on the end of an aisle so keep your eyes peeled.

Personally for the money, I would skip almost skip the drama and roll over to Kmart.com and pick up this County Living 800 Thread Count set for $49.99 today. It also has the extra pillowcases. Both Kmart and Sears are offering this as a Doorbuster but if you can click and get it today I would!

Another item that people have fought over to get are the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers. Walmart has the best deal out on Friday with the smaller 4.5 quart Ultra Power Stand Mixer for $139. They don’t state any minimums, but the whole ad is layered with disclaimers that all item are Limited Quantities while they last.

Again, I would skip the drama and head straight over to Kitchen Aid’s fabulous Outlet site and get this Refurbished 5Qt Professional Heavy Duty Mixer for just $199. This number normally runs $419 at regular retail and they have it in several colors. You can also get the popular Artisan Model in about 14 different colors for $189 on the same site.

There are a couple of stores, Kmart and Target that are going to have $1.50 Towels for sale which could be good if you needed to pick up some basic extras. But there wasn’t anything that screamed stand outside to me.

All Weekend Deals

There are some other all weekend deals that are pretty good including

- A 13 piece Black Frame Collage Picture set at Walmart for $13.99
- Any Size Down Comforter for $29.99 at Target
- Quick Dri Linden Street Bath Towels at JC Penney for $4.99 (supposedly reduces drying time in the dryer to save you money and time)

Personally, I feel that if you are out and about Friday at these stores it is always well worth it to take a spin through the housewares section to see what is available.  You never know when you can stock up on some basic essentials!

I will work on getting together all the best Electronics deals between today and tomorrow (including Wii's!).  Keep checking the Black Friday devoted websites to make sure you get the most up-to-date deals and any late releases from online retailers like Overstock and Amazon.  

1 frugal friends said ...

Corrie Howe said... @ November 25, 2009 at 7:50 PM

Wow! I never really compared prices for Black Friday to regular prices. If only my washer/dryer would die just before Black Friday! I'd love the front loading washer and dryer.

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