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As it is the New Year, one must think about Resolutions. Regardless of if you make a conscious effort to write them down or if they are just a fleeting thought, we are all programmed from birth to regard the new year as a time to set goals and make plans to keep them.

I am just barely over the line of “being that girl” that is an anal perfectionist and obsesses over goals. And as such, I make a habit of making and saving mine into a word document so that they are preserved in history. This does a couple of things. One, it allows me to go back and see if I did any of them. Two, it serves as a time capsule for where I am in my life.

My resolutions in my early 20’s were focused on school for the most part (and losing 5 lbs). In my mid-twenties, I had my quarter-life crisis. Oh yeah – I quit working as a computer programmer and went on a quest to find what I should do that would “complete” me. Little did I know that would lead into a brief stint as a Realtor, working as a consultant, and eventually land me with getting my MBA and moving into the world of working in corporate retail. During those days, my resolutions were mainly focused on getting out of that crisis and into a “stable” relationship with my work-life balance (and losing 20 lbs – is it just me or is it amazing how you can pack it on in your mid twenties). The hubby and I got married a year after the end of my “crisis” and with a husband and a job that I loved, my resolutions turned to more domestic “nesting” type activities.

So for posterities sake, I am bearing my soul to show you my 2009 Resolutions and if any of them were met.

1. Lose the last 20 pounds (Almost: I lost 10 lbs and kept it off for the year.)
  • Work out on a regular basis (didn’t happen)
  • Run the 10K in under an hour (missed it because of the move – never signed up for another one)
  • Do a 15K by the end of the year (nope!)
2. Finish all current projects before starting new projects
    Project List (Oldest to newest)
  • Guest Bedroom Linens – Bed Skirt, Shams, Valance/Curtains, Extra Pillows (nope!)
  • Pillows for Office Bed (nope!)
  • Kitchen Linens (nope – but I changed my mind on what I wanted to do)
  • Mailbox Hanger (nope – I am still considering if I can do this one since I don’t have a mailbox that it will work on now)
  • Paint Guest Bedroom Mirror (Yes!!! Completed!)
3. Organize outings with friends (I did do better at this before we moved and now I am not doing a great job of keeping in touch.)

4. Do Backyard makeover (Nope!  But we don't technically live there anymore either.)

5. Do better at saving money (Did it! We have become savers!!)

6. Keep the house clean (Eh – kinda! There is still an issue with leaving laundry in baskets for weeks!)
7. Pay all the bills on time (I am flaky and regularly forget what day of the month it is. But I did do this!! Scheduling reminders on cell phone works wonders!)

8. Go on at least 2 vacations (Nope! – But having both of us laid off and having to start new jobs kinda put a crimp in that one.)

So, as you can see – I didn’t do too well. The fact I made this list on Jan 1st last year and we both had no jobs by Jan 16th probably played into that a little. However, there were a lot of these that I could have accomplished I just didn’t. Part of the reason I didn’t complete these is, like a lot of us, I made my list and promptly forgot about it. The day to day hectic nature of our lives causes that to happen and then all the sudden we are looking at each other and saying “Gosh, its December? Where has the year gone!!”

This year – I am posting my resolutions here. Publicly. In addition, I am going to go back once a month and review to see my progress and post that here. I want to encourage you to do the same and we can do this together! If you are a regular reader, you will see my monthly updates and that can serve as your “reminder” to go back and revisit your list. Sound like a plan? Ok!

So here it goes for 2010! Since I pretty much missed all my 2009 Resolutions, I am going to use that as a starting place!

2010 Resolutions
1. Lose the last 10 pounds
  • Work out on a regular basis
  • Join the local running club and do the Saturday morning runs
  • Run a 10K in under an hour
  • Do a longer distance race
2. Finish all current projects before starting new projects
    Project List (Oldest to newest)
  • Guest Bedroom Linens – Bed Skirt, Shams, Valance/Curtains, Extra Pillows
  • Pillows for Office Bed (aka now the apt couch!)
3. Make an effort to keep in contact with long distance friends via other means than just Facebook

4. Make plans in January to visit my 3 friends that now live within 3-4 hours of us now that we are in TN

5. Go on at least 2 vacations (cheating a little on this one since we are in Key West now!)

6. Declutter my junk/paper/miscellaneous hidey holes

7. Train myself to not leave laundry in baskets but instead fold it within 24 hours of it coming out of the dryer.

8. Post at least 5 days a week to the blog

Ok – now it is your turn! If you do this – link it up in the comments or just leave your resolutions there if you don’t have a blog. We will get back together and review once a month!

3 frugal friends said ...

Shell said... @ January 2, 2010 at 9:09 AM

At least you managed to save and start paying your bills on time- that's awesome!

Good luck with your resolutions. I posted mine yesterday.

I'm stopping in for SITS Saturday Sharefest- though I follow you anyway- sorry if ya feel cheated that way!

Unknown said... @ January 2, 2010 at 2:04 PM

Man I have a horrible time paying bills on time! when I was working it was easier because I would just pay them all on pay day but now i have to actually think about it...and i rarely think about that...or folding laundry...i suck lol


come by www.atlmomguide.com because I have an AWARD for you!!!!

Cougar Tales said... @ January 4, 2010 at 8:51 PM

Thanks for stopping by and reading my New Year's goals. Happy to share in yours as well. You are so funny - I also keep my goals in a word doc and read them later on! I also organize linens and kitchen cabinets and strive to keep it that way. Well, best of luck to both of us!
- Cougs

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