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I’m back!!! Did you guys miss me? I am so rested, relaxed and bursting with new post ideas. For starters, though, I wanted to share with you some of the great pics I have from Key West! I have a bunch so this might take a couple of posts!

First, how about we just focus on how great the city is! I loved that you could just walk everywhere! The restaurants were fantastic (I think my favorite was Fogerty’s) and I ate way too much. Cuban coffee has officially become my new favorite beverage - mmm it is so tasty! And Duval is just as much fun at night as everyone says it is. Overall, it was a great trip. But you don’t care about my rambling thoughts – let’s get to the pictures!

The majority of my city pics are from down by the Southernmost Point. It is supposedly the farthest south you can go and be in the Continental US. The majority of the buildings and homes in that part of town are eclectic and Victorian. There are lots of picket fences, intricate trim, and can we just talk about the porches and balconies? Swoon!

Check out this home! I love the detail on the trim around the top of the balcony and all the bay windows. I have quite a soft spot in my heart for bay windows!

I also loved these two homes that were next door to one another. They are little bed and breakfast hotels. They were in the middle of taking down their holiday décor – but I think the pics are still great!

One of the biggest landmarks down at that end of town is the Southernmost House. A historic building, it has hosted many a famous guest. According to local sources, there was an attempt made on Al Capone’s life there and the bullet hole has been left intact as proof. It was renovated and turned into a hotel and looks like an amazing place to stay. I have captured some of the details of the house for you guys below.

Check out the intricate tile work on the stars to the lobby.

You can stay in the tower room. It is called the Royal Suite and the tower is the sitting room!

I love this cabana!

The gate is beautiful and all the detailed work is highlighted with gold paint.

What about this entry?!?

The colored stained glass windows are too cute!

This is the entrance into the hotel lobby.

Isn’t this gorgeous! That is what is on the ceiling as you enter the lobby!

Don’t you just love it! I think the big takeaways to nailing this kind of style are these:

- Don’t be afraid of using bright colors in your trim work! However, basic white is always classic and beautiful.
- The devil is in the detail – no matter if it is trim, stained glass, or shutters make sure there is some intricate detail that makes your home unique
- Porch furniture should be comfortable and encourage someone to stay in it for a while

Perhaps these homes weren’t quite your style! No worries, I will highlight a little bit more of the modern side of things next with some pics of our fantastic condo!

P.S. Big thanks to Cougar Tales my 50th Follower!! :)

2 frugal friends said ...

Anonymous said... @ January 9, 2010 at 10:01 PM

I love your pictures, and I've always wanted to go to Key West but haven't made it yet. But with your pics I feel like I've been there just a little. Did you go to Hemingway's house?
Thanks again,

Rachel Cotterill said... @ January 10, 2010 at 3:22 AM

Welcome back - and beautiful pics. I love Cuban coffee, too, though I haven't had any since Cuba... :)

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