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We went back to VA this weekend to work on our "summer" home (aka the house we can't sell).  If your new to the blog, you can read up on the situation.  We did some yard clean up (which can take a bit when you have over 2 acers) and I painted the porch and did some work in the flower beds.  I finished by late Saturday afternoon, stood back and saw the garden I had planned for over three years finally come together.  It was a little sad to know I had to leave it. 

I wanted to take pictures to share with you guys - but seeing how I am pretty open with how the house is technically vacant I didn't want to give too many details about what it looks like!  We had several people out to look over the weekend so we are hopeful that something will come out of that.  We have had more people out this spring - same feedback, house is great, price is great - it just is too far out for us to drive.  Sigh - you guys keep your fingers crossed for us. 

We drove back the 10 hour drive Sunday and I had six little petunias that didn't have a place for in our garden. So I brought them here.  I found this cute planter at Joann's for $10.  (They are having one heck of a sale this week!)  I would also like to point out that I realize we have only been here a month, but I never noticed that there is a child's hand print on the brick by our front door until now.  How odd...

I added a grapevine wreath to my springy sign too.  I feel like it completes it a little more. 

So that was my weekend.  Bittersweet and exhausting ... but it was fun to dig in the dirt and plant some beautiful flowers.  Anyone else work in the garden this weekend?

1 frugal friends said ...

the cape on the corner said... @ April 13, 2010 at 9:19 AM

ok, now that you pointed out that hand print, it's really freaking me out! how have you not SEEN that thing? it's like there's a child trapped in there that's trying to get out. or maybe i have just seen way too many movies where that happens, like backwards writing on a mirror or something...

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