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Goodness – time just keeps flying by!  I can barely keep up!  But now that we have another month down – it is time to recap the best of what has been happening here at the blog for the last month!  Here we go!

DIY & Crafty Goodness

Well first – I had to get something festive up on my door for Valentine’s Day.  So I finally made a sweater rosette wreath like so many I have been pining over!   Ah … an unrequited love fulfilled is sooo appropriate for Valentine’s day – dontcha think!  I also put the roses in with some little heart picks I got at the dollar store!  So sweet! 

I also showed you guys my revamp of this $2.50 wine rack into something that looks way more expensive.  While this thing started out bright blue – using a little ORB Spray paint on it really took it up a few notches in the classy area I think!  Sometimes you have to look past the original color of an item to see what the possibilities are!

Around the House

I finally cleaned out our office (aka the junk room).  You can see my “before” pictures in the post.  I can’t believe I actually posted those online!  But it was very good to get it all cleaned out and organized.  Especially since that room will eventually become the guest room/office once the guest room becomes the nursery! 

Inspiration Ideas

Speaking of nursery’s – that was the ONLY thing on my mind earlier this month when we were waiting to find out what we were having!  Ok – let’s face it – it is still the only think on my mind, but I doubt you want to hear me post 3-4 times a week about the joys of crib sheets!   (P.S.  It’s a boy!)  But I did share with you guys some of the ideas I had when thinking about our baby’s room.  A must to work into the design is this wall of books – I am totally obsessed with it! 

Design by Elizabeth Sullivan Designs

I also shared with you guys some ideas for how to use leather around your home without it always being on a club chair.   One of the favorites was this white leather bed!  Gorgeous!

Michelles Master Bedroom. eclectic bedroom

Tips and Tricks

I complied a bunch of both beautiful and practical ways to use coffee filters.  Who knew you could make a beautiful topiary like this one and combat stinky odors in your shoes all with the same little piece of paper?   Hop over and get some more great ideas like these in the post!

Whew!  A great month!  But I am looking forward to March!  I have decided to spend a little time sprucing up our master bedroom before this wee little one overwhelms my life!  I am thinking a new lamp and some drapes would go a long way! 

Did you have a favorite post this month?  Yours or others?  Please share!  I would love to see it! 

5 frugal friends said ...

Anonymous said... @ March 1, 2011 at 11:25 PM

I would love to have a book wall like the one by Elizabeth Sullivan Designs - it's really fun and useful for a young child!

Unknown said... @ March 2, 2011 at 7:56 AM

I think I loved then all. Very inspiring :)

Ann said... @ March 2, 2011 at 8:02 PM

That picture of the bedroom with white leather and gray walls and yellow accents is the inspiration for, like, my entire house. That is my dream bedroom and I tried to make ours as close to that as possible....I have that exact picture saved on my computer that I used for ideas. Creepy! But totally cool!

La-Dee-da crafter said... @ March 4, 2011 at 11:50 AM

Hey, thanks for wishing me a happy blogiversary. Oh my, that nursery with all the books is to die for...too bad my step kids are too old for nurseries. Makes me sad so all I can do is drool over this room.

Astreil said... @ March 7, 2011 at 7:39 PM

The book shelves will easily accommodate dozens of lego creations. Congrats on the boy!

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