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How is it possible that it is December?!?  The days are flying by now and I know you guys are already deep into Holiday Planning for the upcoming season!  I did want to take a few moments to look back over the top posts for November as well as share with you my favorite projects from around the web.

DIY & Crafty Goodness

For starters this month – I helped my MIL make a beautiful gilded centerpiece for our early Thanksgiving!  We used edible cake glitter to give the fruit a little extra sparkle! 

I also got into to a few Holiday Crafts and made my Noel Word Art Sign!  I cannot believe the overwhelming response to this project!!  You guys are amazing!  This is the most popular post I have ever done on the blog and I am so glad you loved it!

Around the House

I also showed you guys the great hanging storage idea that the hubby came up with for the garage.  By mounting it from the ceiling – we saved a lot of valuable floor space while finding a way to utilize some “dead” space!!  I love that man!

Inspiration Ideas

I shared some ideas for decorating with feathers around your house – including some great holiday ideas for using feathers to spruce up your mantel or wreath! 

Photo via BHG

Tips & Tricks

I shared with you guys my tips on creating a Hostess Journal to record both your pre and post planning for your dinners, parties, and get togethers!  This is a great idea and I have a great example of why it is awesome.  I bought some munchies for us to nibble on before we dug into the Turkey on Thanksgiving.  I noticed no one was really getting into my cheese cubes – so I asked.  My mom and bro said they loved the sharp cheddar pieces but weren’t really into the pepper jack or colby jack .  Well – next time – I will get the sharp and maybe one other flavor!  But I don’t need to spend the extra cash on a different type if it is just them!   I made a note of this because honestly – I am not likely to remember a small detail like that a year from now.  This is why the journal is so handy!!

I also shared with you guys a little tutorial on how to use Polyvore.  I love using Polyvore for creating mood board and I think with my tips – you should be able to start using it too!  I then shared with you guys a vintage grey room I created for Mood Board Monday – where I designed a room around this photograph.   I think it came out with a very Restoration Hardware vibe!!   You will have to pop over and see the final project!

From All Around the Web

Holly from 504 Main showed us how to use our printers and rub on tattoo paper to “tattoo” fruit!  I think this is so brilliant because with no kiddos – I would have thought I had zero use for this stuff!  But I love this pumpkin with the vintage logo on it!

Photo via 504 Main

I also loved these graphic Christmas Wall Art Canvases that Jan @ The Simpler Life shared.  She made these out of $1 store felt Christmas Trees!  Brilliant!

Photo via The Simpler Life

And I love these sweater vases that Kristin @ High Heels and a Hammer shared.  Aren’t these just beautiful!  I still haven’t gotten my version done yet – but man I love these! 

So there you go!  Those are my favorite posts from the last month!  What about you?   Have a favorite from above?  Or do you have another favorites you want to share?  Feel free to post them over on my Facebook Page

8 frugal friends said ...

Signing Out said... @ December 1, 2010 at 10:43 AM

Love those sweater vases!


Rachel Cotterill said... @ December 1, 2010 at 5:29 PM

December - I know! How did that happen so quickly?!

PS I'm celebrating Christmas by getting all crafty, I'd love it if you came and linked up your festive crafts & decorating ideas, I know you have so many fab posts :)

Kristen said... @ December 1, 2010 at 5:50 PM

Thank you so much for including me and my sweater vases. You are so sweet! :) And I must say, I am in love with your Noel word sign. I am inspired and may have to find a place in my house to add one of those!

Unknown said... @ December 2, 2010 at 6:36 AM

I think I love them all. Somehow I missed the tattoo pumpkin and the sweater vases. Really great ideas!

Erin said... @ December 4, 2010 at 5:34 PM

I truly loved your glittered fruit, so easy, but very big impact!

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